Frequently asked Questions

Clients assume full responsibility for attending sessions for which they sign up, not including those cancelled by Approxie or the Providers. We encourage you to schedule another session.

Yes, at Approxie we try to be as reasonable as possible with regards to refunds.

Go to the ‘Video Consultation’ section of the website, choose a Provider, press ‘Book a call’ and follow the instructions.

You will receive a link on your email, at your arranged time click that link to speak with our provider.

Approxie currently supports android based devices (not Iphone).

At the moment Approxie supports only Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Safari and smart phones are not currently supported.

A. You do not need to install any third party software, the video session runs inside your browser. In some cases you have to click “Approve” for when your browser asks you if you like to activate your webcam.

At the end of each session, you are encouraged to write a review of the session.